About Us.

Change Aayega Hum Layenge

Change Aayega Hum Layenge.

Revoluters Foundation is a youngsters based Non Governmental Organisation [NGO] working after overall personality development of underprivileged and non­-convent medium kids. People have tagged Revoluters Foundation as youngest social activists organisation for making social leaders at a young age.

“Founder of Revoluters Foundation – Mr.Gaurav Sharma started working individually when he was 11 years old and studying in class 6th, later ‘Gaurav’ motivated some more youngsters to join him and Revoluters initially started as a ‘social group’ by ‘Gaurav Sharma’ and his team of six likeminded youngsters all about 16 years old and got out of 10th Grade, didn't have much to do at first year of their junior college they noticed some of their demotivated classmates. Then they got started in doing research on these students about the reason behind the lack of confidence & how to develop their personality. Couple of friends got in touch with them who wanted someone who can build their confidence and help them to improve their vocabulary. Slowly Revoluters started building as a team.

After two months ‘Gaurav Sharma’ on January 2011 diversified the group into the departments, Teaching, Sports and Projects which were handled him with his group.

After a later while with the expansion, “Team Revoluters” kept their focus in the Teaching Department and started training students from vernacular medium in different colleges. Revoluters started focusing on the problems faced by the kids in vernacular medium schools and the difference in quality of education in comparison with Private Schools. On the other side the team started visiting these schools to understand the problems at the root level.

Later in July 2012, Revoluters got in touch with some other youngsters in Mumbai who wanted to help the youth by empowering them by providing them a platform to share their story and get experience. They also helped the students in developing their ideas.

On November 2013, ‘Gaurav’ knew that many students have amazing ideas that can change the world but without proper knowledge and guidance, they won’t be able to pursue and give a chance to make that idea a reality and that what he wanted to do by helping youngsters with his Revoluters.

April 2014, Team Revoluters took their vision to the next level with undertaking a slum school at ‘Janupada’ Kandivali-E, Mumbai for couple of months, started giving Basic English and Grammar Training by ‘Panaache-The house of grooming’ and Taekwondo-Martial arts by ‘Western Mumbai Taekwondo Foundation’ but that wasn't enough ‘Team Revoluters’ wanted to impact many more life in short period of time. So ‘Revoluters’ got started with forming groups at every part of Mumbai that will connect with all the youngsters around Mumbai and motivate their friends.

November 2014, from a social group “Revoluters” turned into “Revoluters Foundation” a Non-Governmental Organisation [NGO] registered under Soc. Reg act 1860 & Bombay Public Trust act 1950.

As on Feb 2015, Revoluters Foundation is currently working on overall personality development and grooming of vernacular medium, underprivileged kids and also carry out philanthropic activities especially revolving around it and other major social causes.

”Revoluters Foundation” is dedicatedly and effectively working for a better society under its four main divisions “Gyan, Prakruti, Khel and Samaj”

Give Donation

A lot of work goes down at the grass root level in villages in the remotest corners as well as the most populous metros across India, with schools, individuals and government bodies. We need your contributions to keep coming in.

Get Internship

We offer internships across country throughout the year. Interns are not provided any remuneration, but will be equipped with professional skills and provided with a certificate at the end of the engagement.
Interns should be willing to work full time or part time. Interns will be engaged as an executive associate for Public Relations, Marketing, Technical, Media, Content Writing, Web Development, Grapic Designing, Advertising, Social Media Marketing based on their skills and field of interest. Please register in your field of interest / perfection.

Join the Team

Do you have the passion to contribute towards the country’s progress? Join us! You could volunteer with us for a minimum of two hours every week or on and off for events and one-off volunteering opportunities.
Register with us and we will get in touch with you soon (please allow us two weeks) through Email and SMS regarding the next orientation programme. At the orientation you will get more information about all of Revoluters projects, the causes you can choose and the locations where you can volunteer.

Our Mission

Revoluters Foundation works to build a world where every child attains the right to equality, education, protection, development and participation.